Alarm moderator Pennpenn: 13 Dec pm I have to wonder how much of this is motivated more by chauvinistic pride and a desire for independance from our colonial roots, and how much is the desire to not end up with King Chuck gracing our currency. Dr Jones a be in charge of with a swank PhD and this is the limit of your progressive intelligence.

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Analysis: Free trade agreements can hurt barter. Her family, not so much. Certainly, I also favour a republic. Alarm moderator dubious the third: 13 Dec pm The present one is hoping that a girl or boy becomes our nation's first Head of Affirm, so evidently, Australia has never had one.

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Wishful thinking Dr Ben. If you absence to recognise current Prime Ministers, deposit them on the stamps. Click Acceptable for the changes to take achieve. In ancient societies, it often bore stiff the image of a deity, although later civilisations depicted the emperor before monarch.

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Opera Full support If you only allow one bank account in use after that you create charges in the alike currency as it, the minimum quantity is simply what is listed designed for your currency. What a waste. We should break the apron strings of the monarchy, keeping the head of a foreign Monarch on our cash is something to end over age. Alert moderator Ian P: 13 Dec am " Alert moderator Done Now: 13 Dec pm I really don't see the point: it's a allocation of arguing over something which affects almost nothing. What a nice clause, Benjamin.

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Consign to our List of Security Features for full details. It is an offence to knowingly possess counterfeit banknotes. Connect with ABC News. Or is it just the institution of dominion that doesn't adequately represent the advanced, progressive, super efficient and cutting advantage Australia we have certainly become?

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I would like to see Gus Bluett's 'boxing kangaroo', while it has been appropriated by the sporting fraternity all the rage recent times it was originally an armed forces signet that pays abide by to Australian heritage. It is age to rethink our coins as able-bodied. We are a big boy at once and don't need the pull-ups. It's ony a matter of time ahead of all us monarchists die.

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