Ciao Freda, to connect TV audio after that mic and output together to the receiver, you will need a branch out mixer — you can use the mixer that is included in the Fifine Mic.

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You can use your existing equipment by home or you can choose a few equipment that can fit the adapt of your room and your bite for sound quality. Is there a different speaker you would recommend that does give the signature karokee sound. Convey Reset Link. The sound of the TV will then be out en route for your home theater speakers. I allow tried hdmi, optical but no accident. All of the Shure options you have listed are all good. After that you may need to change the sound settings of your TV en route for use external speakers so it would output its sound to the converter. Another test is to use a different input aside from your laptop, abuse a phone, and see if this still occurs so we can cut off the problem. How is your karaoke player connected to the tv?

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Best 10 Apps for Karaoke

My setup uses 2 different speaker sets. I have a laptop and ipad. Here is my current setup. You can use the included 3. The sound is not that great after that you would need to keep buying additional music. Hope this helps after that you get to enjoy your karaoke setup! Please help!!

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